Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Food Robot Redux

Today is Ignite Portland 11 Eve, and I just realized that I never followed up my IP10 blog posts with the promised video of my "Cat Feeding Robot" talk. Oops! To rectify that, below are not one, but two recordings of that presentation.

The first video is from Ignite Portland 10, during which I managed to mispronounce the word "cruise." Fortunately, that didn't seem to damage the audience's comprehension or enjoyment:


The second video is from Ignite SAO v2, whose organizers generously invited me to present at their event a month after IP10 (I took the opportunity to amend the talk and remove the Cylon joke, which had bombed previously*):


I've archived links to both of these videos, the slides themselves, and MOAR at www.snout.org/foodrobot . I'm sure the current page does not fulfill everyone's cat-feeding-robot needs, so please, send me your suggestions for improvement!

Finally, if you live in or near Portland, Oregon, you should come see IP11 tomorrow night. (And anyone on the Internet can watch the livestream; check igniteportland.org tomorrow afternoon for details.) As usual, there's a terrific variety of talks, this time including two different talks about gaming and two other talks about doing cool stuff without dying. What's not to like?

* I actually gave this talk a third time, in between the two instances shown above, at the open-mic night on JoCo Cruise Crazy II. I don't think anyone recorded video of that, but you can see plenty of other videos from the cruise (and you should definitely join us on JCCC3 if you can!). The funny story there is that our hosts were not able to pull video from my computer to the big screens in the lounge, so I presented from my laptop (thankfully, one with a 17" display) to an audience sitting on the dance floor. I can honestly say that's an experience I've never had before, but it was just as awesome as the other two times.


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