Friday, June 19, 2009

Surrogates Timeline

"From the time I started writing the first script until the time the last issue hit the stands, The Surrogates was nearly four years in the making."
- Robert Venditti, "Script to Page," The Surrogates TPB

May, 2002: Robert Venditti begins work on The Surrogates graphic novel (per CBR interview)

July, 2005: Top Shelf begins publishing The Surrogates as a 5-issue, bi-monthly limited series, illustrated by Brett Weldele.

March, 2007: Disney options film rights for The Surrogates (per Wikipedia).

November, 2007: Bruce Willis cast in lead role of Harvey Greer.

April, 2008: Principal photography on Surrogates begins in Massachusetts.

July, 2009: Graphic novel prequel The Surrogates: Flesh and Bone scheduled for publication.

September, 2009: Surrogates film scheduled for release.

The movie has changed a few things, of course; Greer is now an FBI agent, not a police detective in "Central Georgia Metropolis," and apparently the villain is actually killing people, not just destroying their robotic surrogates. I guess that's to "raise the stakes." I don't expect much from the director of Terminator 3, but hey, it can't be much worse than I, Robot, right?


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