Sunday, October 07, 2012

Why are humans so noisy!

Jasper here! If there are any humans reading this blog please leave a comment and tell me why humans feel the need to be so noisy all the time!

As you know there have been lots of strange outdoor humans shuffling around the apartment complex since yesterday! But even though there have been a lot of them at least they were fairly quiet! They did groan quite continuously but it was at a polite volume! Not like these new humans who showed up in loud vehicles and shouted at each other and ran around setting off what sounded like firecrackers! Lots of them!

But that's not even the worst part! After they interrupted our cat nap with their running and banging, the new noisy humans brought out another kind of machine that made a sound very similar to Food Robot's food noise! Tye was so excited by it he kicked me in the side when he launched himself off the bed to run out there! And he was very disappointed after waiting in front of Food Robot for many minutes and no cat food came out!

The noisy humans have now moved on to another part of the complex with their weird sound machine, and they also seem to have gotten rid of most of the strange outdoor humans! Tye and Lady Grey are a little disappointed that they have fewer things to watch through the windows, but they'll get over it. I for one will appreciate the relative peace and quiet for as long as it lasts! Now back to napping!

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