Sunday, October 07, 2012

Some cats are too excitable!

Jasper here! I don't know what's going on out there but we appear to be safe for now!

So all three of us cats--Tye, Lady Grey, and me--were at the door, pushing on it and scratching it to make noise so the humans would hear us and let us out! We'd been in there all night, and we were ready to leave! Especially Tye, who wanted to go to Food Robot for our breakfast!

Well, the humans never showed up, but after several minutes of pawing at the round knobby thing, Tye did something to it that opened the door! And of course we were all leaning on it, so it flew open and banged against the wall, and Tye was off like a shot while Lady Grey and I observed cautiously! We came out after a few minutes, though, when nothing bad happened and we heard Tye crunching on the cat food.

The good news is, Food Robot remains undamaged! And though there are still a lot of those strange outdoor humans milling about on the grass, they don't seem to be interested in us or our cat food! Tye insists on watching them through the windows, even though I have a bad feeling about this! It doesn't help that Lady Grey is encouraging him with her own window-watching behavior. Be careful, you guys!

Zombie Apocalypse 2012

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