Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I am a Prize-Winning Screenwriter

Against my own expectations, I appear to have won an actual writing competition:

Since this is probably the closest I'll ever come to actually getting this show produced, I am definitely going to attend the table read next month. I just sent off a character breakdown sheet for the director, which was yet another new and exciting thing for me. w00t!

And since this blog post is probably the closest I'll ever come to making an acceptance speech at an awards show, here's the long list of people who helped make this script even possible:
  • my parents, who indulged my comic-book habit all through my adolescence;
  • the NYTVF Comedy Script Contest, for which I wrote the crappy first draft;
  • Bryan and Raj, who gave me feedback on that crappy first draft;
  • Ken Levine's Sitcom Room workshop, which taught me almost everything I know about comedy writing;
  • Amber, Roberta, Sally, and Sarah from the Monti's Cafe writing group;
  • Dave and Tim from #sundaycrits;
  • everyone at Viable Paradise XII, who showed me how to drink give and accept critiques;
  • The Richter Scales, who let me get away with all manner of absurdity on stage for almost eight years;
  • all the other writers in the SIE competition, who rated my script and gave great notes; and
  • most of all, my wife DeeAnn, always.
In other good news, speaking of DeeAnn, she's just picked up a six-week consulting gig. It'll pay very well, but she'll be down in the Bay Area for at least the next couple of weeks.

That's okay. We always expected to travel: we selected our current housing situation because it's less than fifteen minutes from PDX airport. We always miss being away from our home and our cats, but we love seeing the rest of the world, too.


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