Tuesday, January 18, 2011

SnoutCast #48: "JoCo Cruise Puzzley"

Did we (and several of our very good friends) really create and run a complete puzzle hunt event during JoCo Cruise Crazy? Yes. Yes, we did. Crazy!

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01:00 - "seaworthy"
02:58 - Happy New Year 2011!
04:20 - climbing up a waterfall: exercise, or not?
05:02 - so, yeah, Jamaica
06:24 - and we ran a shipboard Treasure Hunt
08:14 - deconstructing "math is hard"
09:11 - planning the JoCo Cruise Treasure Hunt in situ
11:08 - "1992!"
11:50 - GC cruisin'
13:19 - was this our shortest prep time for any event, EVAR?
15:00 - creating shipboard location-specific puzzles
16:33 - people love stickers! and achievements!
17:52 - running the puzzle hunt as a sideline activity
19:02 - meta-puzzles and six-year-olds
20:59 - cruise ship crew are extremely helpful
22:07 - the value of badge stickers
24:30 - upcoming events: Puzzled Pint (PDX, 2/8), GC Summit (MTV, 2/12), Iron Puzzler (OAK, 2/26-27)
25:25 - ObSondheim: The Last of Sheila ahoy!
26:14 - announce your event to The Game or BANG mailing lists
27:38 - The End

Music: instrumentals from "Code Monkey" and "Tom Cruise Crazy" by Jonathan Coulton

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CKL DeeAnn


Marleigh said...

As one of the people who played, I had a lot of fun. It turned out to be especially good for me because the MIT Mystery Hunt was this weekend, but I came down with a bad stomach bug and couldn't go, so Treasure Hunt was my once chance to puzzle this year.

Thanks for running it!

CKL said...

Marleigh, we're glad you played and had fun!

DASH 3 is supposed to happen in Boston at the end of April. Details should be available soon at playdash.org.