Tuesday, January 25, 2011

SnoutCast #49: "Madness? This. Is. Arkansas!"

We're happy that people enjoyed our interview with Don Luskin, and very glad that it brought us an enlightening message from a fellow GC in "The Natural State!"

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00:58 - "exceptional"
02:27 - Listener Mail from Hot Springs, Arkansas!
05:12 - our off-the-cuff response
07:59 - supply and demand?
08:25 - for a good time, visit ARMM.Tumblr.com
12:06 - perceived value?
15:00 - do teams quit because their expectations are not met?
18:00 - generally speaking, "we're not having fun anymore" helps
20:25 - instant gratification? kids these days!
22:55 - does the transition to post-college life affect Gaming?
25:36 - enjoyment proportional to chance of winning?
28:12 - managing expectations is job one. (job two? packaging!)
29:44 - who wants to go visit Arkansas in December?
31:15 - in conclusion...
33:00 - the perils of soliciting team feedback
34:55 - upcoming events: Puzzled Pint (PDX, 2/8), GC Summit (bay area, 2/12), Iron Puzzler (bay area, 2/26-27)
37:37 - The End

Music: instrumentals from "Code Monkey" and "I Feel Fantastic" by Jonathan Coulton

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CKL DeeAnn


Anonymous said...

Desert Taxi and Lowkey are both newish teams, so we don't know everyone who applied, but there were some newbie teams who applied and got in to Ghost Patrol. We all agreed we wanted to let in some newer teams. (Of course we also wanted to let in the old teams too.)

There were a few teams playing who had only done Shintekis, and IIRC, the Soul Proprietors had only done some MS intern event and nothing else.

lahosken said...

One big factor for getting critical mass of people: how many geeks live in the area? Or maybe, how many people live in the area?

Population of all of Arkansas: about 3 million.

Population of the SF Bay area: about 6 million.

The SF games might not be any better at marketing, etc. But if you reach 2% of the nerds around here, it's a lot of people.

Unknown said...

hey guys- thanks for talking about this stuff! y'all had some good things to say- ARMM may be (mostly) made for the core group of us that plays, but i think yr right about managing the expectations of potential new players. i posted a link to this on the ARMM page... as well as a little challenge to you guys on the west coast- because of COURSE we'd love to have y'all down to play!

PS- Lahosken is also probably right; I'd never thought of it in terms like that before.