Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Hump Day Report

Woke up early-ish this morning to take Tye to the vet for another ECG (result: he responded normally to atropine, so apparently he just has a slow resting heart rate), then played hooky in the afternoon to go see Scott Pilgrim vs. the World--which, as I tweeted, totally f**king rocked or whatever and stuff. Go see it. You'll be happy you did.

Finished a puzzle prototype for next month's Puzzled Pint, met my writing quota for the day, then did a bit of research on home automation. D helped me locate a stash of X10 hardware--the appliance modules are what I was looking for--so I only had to order the computer interface module (which, mercifully, now uses USB instead of RS232) in order to have all the hardware we need to switch the cats' auto-feeder over to full computer control.

Now D's playing Dragon Age: Origins - Awakenings while she continues to recover from last week's migraine, and I'm going to see what's playing on Netflix streaming--which, amazingly, hasn't totally sucked the last few times I've tried it. Though tonight I think I'll pick something a little less depressing than No End in Sight.


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Skott said...

I always take it as a good sign when the main character is named "Scott" for some strange reason...