Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We'll Call It CAT-HOUSE... Wait, No

We don't have cable, so I have no idea if Animal Planet or National Geographic or one of the hundreds of Discovery channels already airs some kind of "medical detective" series featuring veterinarians. But if not, they should.

After doing some web research, DeeAnn suspects that feline calicivirus (FCV) may be the source of Tye's troubles. His gums are still red (though slightly better than yesterday), and he cries out in pain when he bites down on something. He's also been sneezing and drooling a little.

DeeAnn thinks Tye was more lethargic today, but her napping with him may have influenced that:

He's going back to the vet at 10:00 AM. If nothing else, we're hoping they can prescribe something for the pain. TyeCam will resume broadcasting in the afternoon.


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DeeAnn said...

A clarification: DeeAnn is neither a veterinarian, nor a cat whisperer. While she may suspect Feline Calcivirus, it's because the vet suggested several possible viruses that Tye might have.

After our vet visit, we're still suspecting the virus, but at least the kitty-boy has painkillers now.