Tuesday, January 05, 2010

SnoutCast #4: Thanks for the Memories

In this episode, we discuss some memorable moments from the six Games we've run. Thanks to Rich for the suggestion! Maybe next time we'll answer the question you actually asked...

Apologies for running over an hour this time, the incessant digression (we often discuss a different Game or topic than the one listed for each section below), and constant breath noises. We're working on it. Really.

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0:00:00 - knock-knock joke intro FAIL
0:02:16 - hello listeners; subscription links
0:04:20 - Homicide: Life on the Farm (2001)
0:12:40 - FoBiK (2002)
0:19:00 - Justice Unlimited (2004)
0:26:09 - Hogwarts and the Draconian Prophecy (2006)
0:37:18 - Midnight Madness: Back To Basics! (2008)
0:50:12 - DASH 1 PDX (2009)
0:57:31 - what have we learned, Charlie Brown?
1:00:27 - The End

That quacking you hear is our attempt to use a timer to limit the length of our ramblings. Clearly, we failed at that, too. Oh well.

Music: instrumentals from "Code Monkey," "A Talk With George," "Tom Cruise Crazy," "Mandelbrot Set," "My Monkey," "I Feel Fantastic," "First of May," and "The Future Soon" by Jonathan Coulton

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CKL DeeAnn Jasper

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CKL said...

Courtesy of Larry Hosken, photos of that Hogwarts wand prototype: http://lahosken.san-francisco.ca.us/anecdotal/hunt/16/10.html (scroll to the bottom of the page)