Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Stray humans are not welcome.

I don't like having people invade my home at the best of times. At least when my humans let them in, I know that they had to meet some sort of criteria for admittance.

Even if one of the new humans comes over when my humans aren't home, I've met her and know that she's been pre-screened. So, it's okay when she gives me a pill.

I don't approve, of course. I do not approve of my own humans when they give me pills. It's an unpleasant, unwanted experience. But I'm a cat, and I have to put up with these things if I want to keep my humans.

I am not, however, willing to put up with stray humans who come to the big glass window at the back of our mini-house. I hiss at these humans and tell them to go away.

The first one fell out of the mini-house upstairs. He was clumsy, even for a human. I guess he was embarrassed about it, because he stomped and made angry human noises before he came to bang on the big glass window at the back of my mini-house. I hissed and told him to climb back up the wall where he came from. Or to go around the building and walk up the stairs like all the rest of the humans.

Another human--or maybe the same one; humans are all pretty much the same unless I can smell them--came by again last night. I hissed again. Eventually, this one went away too.

I guess I'm going to have to keep a careful watch on the big window at the back of the house while my humans are sleeping. But I do not know what is wrong with these strays that they keep trying to come into my territory.

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Anonymous said...

Poor Bayla! I hope you and your humans are safe. That sounds kinda scary.