Friday, March 20, 2009

It's about time things started to balance out around here.

The humans have been forcing pills down me for a long time. It must be years now.

Jasper never came over to volunteer for the torture instead of me. He always stood out of the way and watched. Until the humans finished, of course. Then he came running for the after-pill treats.

I have to choke down the pills, and he gets the treats. Somehow, that just doesn't seem fair.

But now things are starting to come around. I went from a pill every day, to a pill every other day, to a pill every now and then. And now, I'm not taking any pills at all. That's pretty good.

But it gets even better. Jasper is the one who had to go to the vet by himself this time. And, starting this week, the humans have been making him choke down a huge syringe-full of sticky stuff. They're not doing it once a day, either, like I started with. Jasper gets the syringe at least twice a day.

Sometimes, I stand out of the way and watch. Sometimes, I come to share in his treats. Sometimes, I just curl up on the bed and listen to Jasper taking his medicine.

I like the way a little fairness sounds.

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