Thursday, March 05, 2009


Sometimes, I just can't think up anything to do. But I'm still bored.

So I tell the humans. They usually ignore me the first few times. It's almost like a game. Or else they think I'll just stop being bored if they don't pay any attention!

If they keep ignoring me, I walk on them, or bite them. If they hide in the room with the closed door, I yell louder or kick the door. If they still ignore me, I get a running start and crash into the door as hard as I can. It makes a nice, satisfying crash. And I can always yell longer than the humans can ignore me.

But even when humans stop ignoring me, they can't think of anything interesting.

I don't want to chase fuzzy balls or the twisty piece of plastic or twist ties. I don't want to jump for paper balls. Curly ribbon is just stupid, even if Bayla likes it. I don't want to play with strings. I don't want chase my fur mice. Cyborg Mouse still rattles when I hit him, but he's no fun, either.

I don't want to play with rubber bands, not even the super-long one with the bell on the end. I thought the elastic bandage might be interesting, but it was no fun. Catnip is just boring. I'm tired of being carried around so that I can stand on the humans' shoulders and look at everything from up high.

I don't want to chase Bayla. Fluffy and Regent, the neighbor cats, never have anything interesting to say when they come to visit. Even the squirrels are boring!

It's so boring around here. I'm bored. Bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, BORED.

I just wish there was something to do.

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CKL said...

We tried giving Jasper a book, thinking he might identify with Coraline, but he didn't care for it.