Friday, January 30, 2009


Strangers have invaded the house twice in one week. I hate it. The first time, the invaders were a couple of female humans carrying lots of noisy tools and smelly liquids. They caught me while I was under the dining table watching the squirrels. It was scary! I barely escaped in time to get under the bed.

Bayla and I stayed there while they made a terrific racket and rubbed stinky stuff all over the pace. My eyes watered for hours. Days later, the smell still lingers. I don't know how humans can stand it.

Yesterday was the second time. Luckily, Bayla and I were already on the bed, so we just crawled under as fast as we could. Good thing! Big male humans came into every room, pushed buttons, and made strange noises.

At least they were gone quickly. Those other humans were around for hours! They set a trap, though. As soon as I thought it was safe enough to take a few steps out from under the bed, the ceiling started to beep. I had to run back under so fast that I bumped my head on her leg as I went past.

Things are quiet now. I just hope the humans don't let any more strangers into the house this week!

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