Monday, January 05, 2009


Hey, Mac users! I'll bet you were all excited about today's announcement that Google was releasing its Picasa photo software for the Mac, weren't you? Well, so was I! Until I discovered the bad news--it only works on Intel CPUs. PSYCH! So it's no good for our humans' vintage 2005 Mac mini, which runs on a PowerPC G4. LAME! I mean the new Picasa is lame, not our Mac mini. Macs are cool!

I guess Mac users who like Picasa are stuck with the iPhoto uploader, which works okay, but you still have to deal with crappy iPhoto. Macs are cool, but their software isn't always so great. We use Picasa on Windows to organize photos, and fortunately, PCs outnumber Macs 4:1 in our house. Because you can play more games on a PC! We love games! One of the humans bought a new Vista box just so she could play The Sims! But we're not going to buy a new Mac so it can run Picasa. That would be pretty silly.

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