Friday, January 06, 2006

Free DVDs by mail!

Better than NetFlix: the U.S. Postal Service will send you any or all of these five "Delivering Justice" DVDs for free!
  • Dialing for Dollars: "how to protect yourself from investment frauds"
  • Work at Home Scam: "how you can avoid being duped by criminals"
  • Identity Crisis: "how to protect yourself against identity fraud"
  • Long Shot:Foreign Lottery Scams: "It's illegal to play foreign lotteries in the United States"
  • Web of Deceit: "what to watch out for when you do business on the Internet"
Visit The Postal Store for complete details.

I'm ordering mine right now! Will they tell me anything I don't know? Probably not. Will I even watch them? Not the point, dude. If the gummint's going to annoy me with a two-cent postage increase and force me to buy a bunch of new stamps, the least I can do is get my money's worth out of their pork barrels, right?

Wow, I really need to stop mixing metaphors.

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