Thursday, September 08, 2005

Getting into Stanford the hard way

My emphasis below.
For undergraduate students who are admitted to universities that have closed because of Hurricane Katrina:
  • Stanford will be admitting academically qualified students from these universities as non-matriculated students for the fall quarter, which starts on September 26 and ends on December 16. Students should note that most schools are on the semester system, while Stanford uses the quarter system. The home university will decide how to credit these courses toward their degrees.
  • Preference will be given to students from the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Stanford will provide housing on campus for students who are accepted.
  • Stanford wishes to support the home universities that have been damaged by the hurricane. Thus, the students admitted are expected to return to their home campuses. While the financial details will need to be finalized, Stanford will not charge the students and their families tuition to attend Stanford. Students should continue to pay tuition to their home universities. Students will only have to pay Stanford for room and board and incidental expenses. Stanford will work with students, their families, and the home institutions on financial aid issues...
Stanford also has developed an opportunity for academically eligible graduate students displaced from colleges and universities in the affected area to apply for one term as non-degree graduate guests. Students who are accommodated at Stanford can attend without tuition and student association fee costs. This program is also operated under the assumption that tuition will be paid to your home college or university and will be utilized there to rebuild.

Things like this make me proud to be an alumnus.

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