Thursday, September 15, 2005

Fall TV Premiere Schedule

Linked from the title, above. For tomorrow (new shows in bold):

FRI., SEPT. 16
8PM – 'What I Like About You' (WB)
8:30PM – 'Twins' (WB)
9PM – 'Threshold' (CBS, two-hour premiere)
9PM – 'Reba' (WB)
9:30PM – 'Living With Fran' (WB)

I'm curious but pessimistic about Threshold. As with many shows, I like the cast (which includes Carla Gugino, Brent Spiner, Peter Dinklage, and Charles S. Dutton) but am less enthused about other aspects. We'll see if Brannon Braga can manage not to totally screw up a science fiction show for once.

Next week, I'm hopeful but pessimistic about How I Met Your Mother (with Alyson Hannigan) and Kitchen Confidential (with Nicholas Brendon) next Monday. Yes, even after all these years, it's still all about Buffy. Then it's the second season premiere of Lost on Wednesday, from which I'm sure we can expect some great storytelling but not much actual story.

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