Monday, May 16, 2005

Caveat Emptor

The sad thing is, I totally believe this story:
Several years ago I went to Nordstrom at Christmas to do some shopping. The place was a mad house. The clerk took my credit card to ring up my order at another register. I was watching her as she rang up the card and nonchalantly looked around the store while putting my credit card into her pocket.

When she came back, I asked for my card back, and she kept insisting that she already gave it back to me. Grrrrr!

I called her supervisor over and told her that I wanted my credit card back from that girl's back pocket.

The supervisor had her check her pocket, and then kept insisting that it was just an honest mistake.

It sure didn't look like a mistake to me.

And you wonder why I don't like dealing with people. Seriously, I'd do everything through mediated interactions if I could.

Anyway, check out my own CAVEAT EMPTOR page for more bad businesses to avoid. Eternal vigilance is the price of a free market.

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