Monday, May 16, 2005

Bad Aftertaste

Last night, some friends and I took a Local Tastes of the City Food Tour through Chinatown and North Beach. It was not good.

Our guide, Tom Medin, was so genuinely excited about his cheesy and sometimes blatantly untrue San Francisco history, I almost felt sorry for the guy. But mostly I was embarrassed that the other people in our group, from Massachusetts and Australia, would leave with such a lame impression of the bay area.

It's like Sars says:
[T]he people who want to tell you some shit about What New York City Is All About? Almost never from here. Almost never from anywhere close to here. It's always the people from West Truckstop, Ohio who get all defensive about What New York Means and don't want it to change because if it becomes too much like where they came from what's the point, and -- okay, I totally get that, and it's true that one of the great things about this city is that it can save your life, but whenever somebody's whining about how 42nd Street is too "sanitized" now? It's somebody who didn't see it twenty years ago[.]

-- "Cirque Du Shut Up",

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