Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I Can Count to Fifteen

...which is the new number of Puzzled Pint cities. Boston had to wave off on Monday, due to weather, but we also added San Francisco proper at the last minute. Here's the current roster, with our February additions noted:
  1. Austin, Texas
  2. Bloomington, Illinois (NEW!)
  3. Boston, Massachusetts (CANCELED)
  4. Brooklyn, New York (NEW!)
  5. Chicago, Illinois
  6. London, England
  7. Montreal, Canada
  8. Phoenix, Arizona
  9. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  10. Portland, Oregon
  11. San Francisco, CA - City (NEW!)
  12. San Francisco, CA - Bay Area
  13. Seattle, WA - City
  14. Seattle, WA - Eastside
  15. Washington, DC
And we continue to get inquiries from other places. Not all of those pan out, obviously, but it's great that so many people are interested in Running More Games. :)

At this point, the "headquarters" team in Portland—six people, four of whom are co-founders (our fifth co-founder is running Pittsburgh these days)—is doing more event management and editorial oversight than actual puzzle creation. Which, again, is great; we love seeing the creativity and diversity of other people's puzzle ideas, and we're glad we can apply our experience to help them develop and refine those ideas.

But with diversity also comes differences of opinion. Reasonable people can disagree, and sometimes both sides have reasonable arguments for wildly divergent points of view. We're dealing with some ongoing issues which I think will come down to us having to make a decision about the fundamental nature and character of PP as opposed to other puzzling events: do we always want to be beginner-friendly? is there any reason we would ever say "no" to someone who wanted to start up in a new city? how much can we modify the structure of an event before it's no longer a "Puzzled Pint?"

I don't have all the answers, but I'm glad to be working with lots of smart people who can help us figure out these things. This is how we build a community. This is how we make something that can outlive us all. You know, like Islam.

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