Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Snout Games FTW (Part 2 of 4)

Last week, Mike Selinker's Wired article on "The 10 Greatest 'Games' Ever Played" mentioned 4 different Team Snout productions. Let me show you them.

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2. Justice Unlimited petitions

After a purposefully chaotic icebreaker activity at the start location, teams were issued clipboards with petitions calling for the banning of "dihydrogen monoxide" and told to canvass the area collecting signatures. No further instructions were provided. Many costumed teams wandered through Ghirardelli Square. (Photos by Karl Larson)

This clue/activity is also mentioned at the very top of the Wikipedia page for The Game, and I think it was memorable because it captured many of the magical, non-puzzle aspects which make The Game so much fun. The actual solution wasn't very complex--teams just had to find the right people, planted by Game Control, who would "sign" with the name of the next location. But it was an experience you probably wouldn't ever have outside of The Game.

The wrist-mounted computers weren't used for that first clue, but teams did have to enter most of their puzzle answers into the device, which would tell them where to go next. This Game also featured the Bat-Blinker gadget, which used the same persistence-of-vision display trick as the later Hogwarts wand.

For more information about the Justice Unlimited Game, check out our GC wrap-up site and Larry Hosken's "Operation Justice Unlimited" report.

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