Tuesday, January 31, 2012

SnoutCast #102: Of Summits and Letters

In which we do a dramatic reading of the Black Letter Game's answers to our listener questions, and then a quick recap of this year's Game Control Summit: Simulcast!

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00:59 - "diplomatic"
01:20 - The Black Letter Game has answered your questions...
02:58 - Where did the name for the Black Letter Game come from?
03:41 - How many individuals are "GC" for this Game?
04:47 - How does the extreme secrecy enhance the player's experience?
05:01 - How are you playtesting the puzzles?
06:15 - How will you know this enterprise has been successful?
07:05 - GC Summit recap...
10:36 - Corey Anderson on "Running Someone Else's Game"
12:58 - Jett Jones and Bob Schaffer on re-casting the WHO Game
14:17 - Scott Blomquist on designing portable puzzles
14:50 - Linda Holman on re-running Shinteki Aquarius seven years later
16:28 - Andy Rich on simulcasting Microsoft Puzzlehunt 14
22:37 - upcoming events: volunteer for Doctor When playtest (2/11-12), Shinteki Field Trip: Disneyland (2/25), Iron Puzzler (3/3-4); more at PuzzleHuntCalendar.com
26:31 - The End

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Music: instrumentals from "Code Monkey" and "Shop Vac" by Jonathan Coulton

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Curtis DeeAnn

1 comment:

Skott said...

A week beforehand, I told Jonathan, "Hey, why don't we do a talk for the GC Summit? We could call it 'How We Messed Up Everything About BANG 22 (Including the Numbering System)'." Obviously, a little late to the game, so to speak, but it sounds like most of the sapient points were covered.

Especially the point about file format! For BANG 22, we got handed the puzzles the night before (ugh) and in a proprietary file format. It took most of the night to convert, adapt, and edit them to make the puzzles San Rafael-ready, and even then, some of the data got dropped in the conversion process. We'd had no time to do any quality control.