Saturday, March 12, 2011

Rainforest Writers Village, Day Three

"Fiction? I hate fiction!"

That's my new rallying cry. Sorry, you kinda had to be there.

It snowed a little last night. We could still see some of it in the trees up on the mountain this afternoon:

Today was Mary Day, since she cooked an excellent, gluten-free lunch for everyone, gave a talk on "Puppetry and SF," and even put on a little tiny puppet show:

For dinner, DeeAnn made a tasty crockpot jambalaya, and fellow writer Janka came over to eat with us and share bird-watching tips.

Oh, what? Writing? Yeah, we did some of that, too. DeeAnn finished the 5,200-word first draft of our collaborative short story last night, and I did a revision today and inflated it to 5,500 words. We read the first part of it tonight in Cabin 6, and it was very well-received. She's just done another pass over the document, and I'll look at it as soon as I finish blogging here. Then we'll be done! For now.

I also glued together all the various pieces of my novel-in-progress to get a sense of where it's at. Current word count is 140,000, but there's a lot I know I need to cut, and I still have to rewrite the ending. That won't get done this weekend, but it's a lot more progress than I've made in many months.


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