Monday, September 20, 2010

Comic Book Report: Invincible Iron Man Vol. 4: Stark Disassembled

Wow. Matt Fraction must have really liked Dollhouse, because this entire five-issue arc is about (minor spoilers) Tony Stark being trapped in The Attic while his friends and allies restore his mind and memories from a backup wedge.

It's not a bad story, and Salvador Larocca's art continues to be impressive. An extended guest appearance by Doctor Strange and visits from Thor and both Captains America spice up the proceedings, but as with many crossovers, the big guns conveniently disappear just before the actual threat appears, so the titular hero can save the day on his own.

And, of course, they hit the reset button on Pepper Potts. Boo. I guess you still have to go to DC for real female superheroes. Oh yeah, I said it!

The next part of this series is titled "Resilient," and it'll be interesting to see how Fraction handles what should be a long and arduous process of rehabilitation. We all know Tony's going to get back in the suit, but it'll be more satisfying if he actually earns it.

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