Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I'm looking forward to Shinteki Field Trip: Disneyland on Saturday, as are 43 other teams. At four people per team, that's 176 total players, which may well be the largest Bay Area(ish) Game ever. Excitement!

However, I do have to wonder what the teams named "Tragic Kingdom" and "The Crappiest Place on Earth" were thinking. It's one thing to be ironic and attend a concert wearing a different band's T-shirt, but to (figuratively) wear a "Your Favorite Band Sucks" shirt seems rather impolitic. Maybe it's just me.



Dan Egnor said...

BANGs regularly draw ~60 teams (200+ people) these days, and typically go for 8 hours. For that matter, the San Francisco Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt regularly draws thousands of players.

I think of ~200 as the expected turnout from the latter Bay Area "Game Community". I wonder how many players Ghost Patrol had.

You might have a mental category of "Game" that includes Shinteki DL but not BANGs or the CNYTH, but I think that would be a pretty difficult category to circumscribe.

CKL said...

Fair point. In my mind, "Game" means "Stanford Game," of which Shinteki is a direct descendent. I don't feel it's the same type of adventure unless there's some driving involved, and I know SDL is on foot, but there was major travel involved to get here, which apparently muddied my judgment. :P

Dan Egnor said...

By that criteria, *every* Bay Area hunt ought to be a fantastic Game adventure for you now, right? :-)

CKL said...

Yeah, see, that's the other thing... I wouldn't travel to do a one-day hunt unless we had other reasons to be in the area, or it was something special (both of which are true for SDL). I guess I just have a different threshold than the Seattle teams. :)