Friday, October 09, 2009

Friday Flash Fiction: "The Wren and the Hen and the Men in the Pen"

You may be wondering why I don't post to this blog more often, except for these promotional links to my flash fiction. The reason is because I am a lazy bastard.

Here's a quick breakdown of my various online presences:

Twitter is where most of my spewage ends up these days.

LiveJournal is where my Twitter spewage gets archived nightly, and also where I track my writing projects--which I'm going to start again in November, coincident with NaNoWriMo.

512 Words or Fewer is where I post a new short story every Friday. As you know.

CKL's HotSheet (this blog) is where DeeAnn, the cats, and I remark on things we find interesting or amusing. I tend to treat this more like a newspaper column than a journal, but I need to keep a regular schedule here.

Anyway. Here's this week's 512 story:

Read "The Wren and the Hen and the Men in the Pen" at 512 Words or Fewer


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