Saturday, March 01, 2008

Overheard at a Wedding

Ken and Jerry got married yesterday! They threw a great party, featuring the ultimate montage of TV and movie wedding scenes, a lightning-fast ceremony, excellent food and cake served by the Professional Culinary Institute, and Mr. Lobo swearing in the dearly beloved with a modified version of his Knights of Insomnia Oath.

Later, at the TARDIS table, there was a scholarly debate about the nature of comedy:

Chris: Hey, repeating one joke is what got Milton Berle where he is today.
Kevin: Dead?

My job for the first part of the evening was Doorman, and I wore a tuxedo because it seemed an appropriate costume. I was, of course, completely outdone by Andy and Kevin's military-inspired BDUs (they were working Security), and the happy couple outshone us all--Ken in the Tenth Doctor's brown suit and white Converse trainers, and Jerry in a gravity-defying corset. The bride also wore a strategically placed button which read: "Thanks! My husband likes them too."

However, I did receive a compliment of the highest order on my attire: an Englishman addressed me as "Bond." Thanks, Merv. I was stirred, not shaken.


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