Monday, November 06, 2006

Lame Argument of the Day (Not Mine)

At the "Pete Rates the Propositions" site, the eponymous author sets forth a Semi-Biennial Lecture on Bonds, which basically says "don't worry about interest rates or repayment" and concludes thusly:
There is one last reason to vote for a bond measure. In addition to being formal requests for permission to take out loans, bond measures are also looked upon as referenda on the merits of the proposed projects. If a bond measure fails, legislators are likely to believe that the public feels the project is not worthy of receiving state funding. By voting no, you may have meant, “Yes on the project but no on the bonds,” but your message to Sacramento will read, “No on the project.” So if you vote down a bond measure just because you don't like bonds, you may well have killed forever the project the bonds were to have funded.

To which my wife says, "Pete can suck my dick!" I'm inclined to agree.

Of course, she also points out that Californians have never met a bond measure they didn't like, so most of this year's propositions will likely pass anyway. But it's a sad illustration of the worst kind of liberalism: social responsibility without fiscal responsibility.

I don't have a strong closing, so I'll just stop here. Don't forget to vote.


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