Wednesday, March 08, 2006

You tell 'em, jra!

Last week, D and I (and several other people) helped our friend Jeff prepare a talk for the FCC Independent Panel Reviewing the Impact of Hurricane Katrina on Communications Networks. He gave the talk on Monday, and he reports that it went pretty well.

He also participated in the discussion after the formal presentations, during which he said things like "IP stands for internet protocol, but it might as well stand for Interoperability Protocol" and "Stop waiting for the vendors to solve your problems, and show them that the marketplace is only buying open systems." Go Jeff!

For complete details, see his blog entry jra's thoughts: How my talk went. Also check out the previous entry, which links to PDFs of both his FCC talk and the longer report he'd previously written up as a post-mortem on his work with Radio Response.

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