Monday, June 20, 2005

This past weekend was strange, busy, and good.

Friday night, we drove up to Walnut Creek to see our own Brian Rosen in Baby. It's a good show, and is running for one more weekend-- go if you can.

Saturday morning, I drove up to SF with a friend to check out the open casting call for NBC's "Treasure Hunters." We didn't apply; we just wanted to see if any other local Gamers would show up. Some did, and we chatted with them for a while.

Saturday night, another Gamer emailed me to ask if I'd like to join his team and apply for the show. I figured, what the hell, and said yes. Then DeeAnn and I went to Mountain Winery for dinner (good, but not great), and to see Margaret Cho (hi-larious).

On Sunday afternoon, I drove back to SF to record an on-camera interview for the "Treasure Hunters" casting agents. I don't expect them to call us back. I'm half expecting the show to die in pre-production, since they were asking for applications way back in April and seem increasingly desperate to find suitable contestants-- and, by their own admission, the producers keep changing their minds about who they want to cast. But what do I know?

Sunday night, I played in BANG 10 as part of Team Blah (we couldn't come up with a name). We tied for second, which was not only respectable, but also got us out of having to plan the next BANG-- that burden, uh, privilege is reserved for the first-place teams (a three-way tie this time).

Finally, when I got home on Sunday, DeeAnn informed me that our TV appeared to have shorted out when she tried to turn it on that night.

So I'm a little tired today.

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VR said...

Well..NOW you won't get a call back. Don't they hate that kind of public expression that they don't control?