Thursday, June 09, 2005

gone in 180 seconds

At 9:49 AM today, one of my faithful perl scripts emailed me to say that a page had changed-- specifically, that a new link had appeared for a 10:00 PM show of "Special Advance Preview" (the not-so-secret code name for Serenity) on Thursday, June 23rd.

I bought ten adult tickets immediately (the most that will allow in a single purchase).

I sent email to several friends telling them that tickets were available.

I went back to at 9:52 AM to buy more tickets... and it was already sold out. In less than three minutes. Gone.

I called the automated phone system, too, just in case they'd reserved distinct blocks of tickets for sale through different channels-- no dice.

Crazy. What else can you say about Browncoats?

Oh, yeah:

"Some people might question these fans' devotion to a series that ran a total of 13 episodes (of which only 11 aired). Some people have never been in love."

[ObNitpick: if you count the pilot movie as 2 episodes, there was actually a total of 15, of which 12 aired on FOX. Starting July 22nd, Sci Fi Channel will air the entire series in production order. Or you could just buy the DVDs now.]

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