Thursday, December 24, 2015

Tonight is #DieHardEve

ETA (1:00 PM): MOAR commentators, and embedded Twitter search results :)

Tonight, starting at 9:30 PM Pacific Time, you're invited to our first ever...

Christmas Eve DIE HARD livetweet extravaganza!

Search for #DieHardEve on Twitter to see commentary from various Portlandians, including:
...and you, dear viewer, are also invited to contribute! Feel free to jump in using the hashtag #DieHardEve if you get inspired at any point.

IMPORTANT: you're responsible for synchronizing your own viewing! If you don't own the movie, here's where you can rent it online—looks like the going price is $3 (make sure to verify rental terms and whether it's HD, if you care about that):

Watch for an official movie sign tweet at 9:30 PM Pacific Time tonight, but don't worry too much about precision. I'm not saying there will be large amounts of alcohol involved, but I'm not saying there won't be, either. (ObPSA: DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE.)

Meanwhile, please enjoy this artifact from the 1980s:


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