Saturday, August 08, 2015


So the British Library has over one million public domain illustrations on Flickr, organized into albums for easier browsing. I've only made it through six pages of the "Fauna" collection so far but have already found some real gems:

Image taken from page 570 of 'Travels in Africa during the years 1875-1878 (1879-1883-1882-1886) ... Translated from the German by A. H. Keane ... Illustrated'
An otter eating a fish.

Image taken from page 607 of 'Travels and adventures in Southern Africa ... comprising a view of the present state of the Cape Colony, with observations on the progress and prospects of British emigrants. Second edition'
Possibly an aardvark?

Image taken from page 241 of 'De Sanskulotten in Vlaanderen, of De Heldenstrijd der Boeren in 1798'
Side-eye dog.

Image taken from page 233 of 'Aileen Aroon: a memoir [of a dog]. With other tales of faithful friends and favourites, sketched from the life'
Devious cat.

Image taken from page 59 of 'The Child's Book of Poetry. A selection of poems, ballads and hymns'
Demanding kittens.

Anyway, lots of images, free to use, no copyright restrictions. Enjoy!


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