Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I Am Terrible at Analytics

As you know, Bob, I gave a well-received Ignite presentation on our Homebrew Cat Feeding Robot setup in early 2012. Afterward, I also set up a web page, with every intention of updating it as we iterated through future versions:

As you can see, Bob, that web page has not been updated. Sorry, ladies. But see below for how Food Robot evolved from early 2013 to our current setup. Can you spot the differences?

Back to the outdated web page. In my defense, it's not really that popular. Look at this Google Analytics report. Almost three years and barely 400 pageviews? Weaksauce, man:

Oddly enough, according to Slideshare, German fairgoers love cat feeding robots:

On the gripping hand, I'm wondering whether this should be more of a community site. Companies like Bistro and Petnet (formerly Pintofeed) are working on product-izing food robots, but I've also seen plenty of really creative DIY setups online.

For example, a friend of a friend posted this just yesterday:

Clearly there is a (WAIT FOR IT) hunger for cat feeding robots and discussion thereof. And the domain is available... hmm.


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lahosken said...

I think the food robot needs DRM. Consider: