Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I Survived My First Surrey International Writers' Conference #SiWC14

And the proof, as usual, is on Twitter:

Highlights included: finally meeting Stephanie and David in person, after many online writing Hangouts; seeing my VPXII classmate Katrina again and getting an autographed copy of her book; learning about book publishing contracts and romance novels from literary agent Lisa; and hearing the fabulous Diana Gabaldon read three different "wedding night" scenes aloud in a room of appreciative listeners (mostly women, natch).

If I can make my schedule and budget work for 2015, I'll definitely go back. And next time I'll wear the tux on Saturday. #nocontextforyou



Shari Green said...

Such a great conference! I'll definitely be trying to juggle the budget so I can go back again in '15. :)

Great meeting you, Curtis. Happy writing!

CKL said...

Thanks, Shari! It was great to see you, too, and to hear about your and Kate's debut author experiences.