Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Famine Teams: District 8, Textiles

Jasper here! This is part eight in a twelve-part series, looking at the teams who will be playing in The Famine Game this fall!

District Eight makes textiles! Textiles are used in clothes! And hats! By the way, cats do not like hats, contrary to liberal media propaganda.

Silly Jefes
Seattle WA, New York, Virginia, North Carolina

I recognize many of these humans from their excellent work running the World Henchmen Organization Game a couple of years ago, not to mention several other events in the Seattle area! They sure seem to enjoy wearing a wide variety of hats, costumes, and personalities. Keep your eye on Jett, Nikhil, Sergey, Jeff, Donna, and Rena--I'm sure they're putting together real spiffy fancy-dress outfits for the Friday night opening of the Famine Game!

San Francisco CA, Chicago IL, Seattle WA

This team also chose to keep their application video private, but I'm guessing they're captained by the crafty Rachel Weinstein Petterson, Ph.D.! And if that is the case, she has surely assembled a brace of brainy ladies who will give The Hunger Dames a run for their money! So to speak. I don't think there's any actual money on the line here!

Next week: meet the teams from District Nine! (Not that one.)


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