Tuesday, June 11, 2013

SnoutCast #173: Keeping the Dream Alive

In which we respond to some lovely listener mail!

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00:59 - "continuous"
02:10 - Q0 (paraphrased), from Chris in England: how do you keep a small puzzle hunt community together between events? can online puzzles fill the gap?
04:32 - "and they told two friends..."
12:49 - Q1: what about The Order of the Octothorpe? (short answer: maybe, but it's intended for newbies)
15:15 - Q2: are the WarTron application puzzles still online? (short answer: not now, maybe later)
17:22 - Q3: can you really play the 2 Tone Game remotely? (short answer: yes! long answer...)
18:37 - Q4: are puzzles from any other hunts available online? (short answer: yes, but good luck finding them)
26:19 - The End

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Music: instrumentals from "Code Monkey" and "Skullcrusher Mountain" by Jonathan Coulton

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Curtis DeeAnn


Nathan Curtis said...

Here are links to some of the online hunts that were mentioned in the podcast, and a couple others that might be of interest:

P&A Magazine: Foggy Brume's bimonthly puzzle extravaganza. Hints posted starting a week after the latest issue comes out, solutions posted when the next issue comes out.
Other puzzles by Foggy Brume: various puzzle hunts by the author of P&A magazine. Includes Intercoastal Altercations 3-5, as well as the Puzzle Boat (which I'm guessing is what you meant by "Puzzle Island"). Solutions typically not posted.
Mark Halpin's puzzles: Includes his Labor Day Extravaganzas. Hints and solutions posted.
Triple Play Puzzles Extravaganza: Extravaganza by Trip Payne. It's a contest, so hints and solutions are not available.
Dan Katz's mini-hunts: Originally written as warmups for Dan's Mystery Hunt team. Solutions not posted, hints and answer verification available by email.
And lastly, My own extravaganzas: Only two so far, but I hope to have a third one up soon. One has solutions posted, while the other has hints and answer verification clumsily built in.

Rhys said...

You did indeed loosen the lid on the jar for us ;) and we're so glad you did. Wartron is pretty much the funnest thing evar.

Chris in England said...

Way cool; thanks so much, Nathan!

(D and C: a thousand thanks to you two, too! I owe you mail, hopefully very soon.)

lahosken said...

This post doesn't have the "thisisnotaclue" label. Is it a clue?

CKL said...

No. This is not a Clue.