Tuesday, November 27, 2012

SnoutCast #145: Deadline City

Deadlines are good! IN OUR HUMBLE OPINION.

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00:59 - "time-sensitive"
05:02 - Exhibit A: Star Wars VII in 2015
05:51 - Exhibit B: Skyfall delays during pre-production
07:02 - Exhibit C: The Amazing Spider-Man (so-called)
08:12 - Exhibit D: The Oatmeal
10:21 - Curtis & DeeAnn & deadlines & pain.
15:35 - the upside of deadlines
18:50 - DeeAnn specializes in "recreativity"
23:47 - long-winded Curtis is long-winded
30:58 - the evolution of Puzzled Pint
33:59 - The End

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Music: instrumentals from "Code Monkey" and "Chiron Beta Prime" by Jonathan Coulton

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Curtis DeeAnn


rmalena said...

As a teacher walking the party line, I love deadlines.

As a human being, deadlines make me all sorts of crazy, and I still love them. If I could just do things on whatever timeframe I chose, I wouldn't ever get anything done. Plus, I'd miss out on all the ridiculous energy I get just as I realize that time is running out...

CKL said...

Agreed on the ticking-clock rush; it really pushes you to your limits, and often you discover that you can be much more productive than you ever imagined.

lahosken said...

I don't like deadlines.

Unless I'm collaborating with a few people. Because there are plenty of people who are motivated by deadlines. (It seems they don't think of deadlines in the same way, but all find them very motivating.) And I like working with motivated people more than I like working with unmotivated people. I know, weird, right?

CKL said...

That's fair. If the people in question are sufficiently motivated already, they might not need the artificial, external motivation which a deadline provides for people like me. :)

Jeff Allen said...

You missed something critical, though you came near it when discussing recreatoon/creativity. The game is a hobby, done in community, among friends. How deadlines work in that context is very different than in the classroom or at a paying job. Also, a communal deadline is motivating because of the fear of letting your friends down.

CKL said...

Excellent point! I think DeeAnn did mention "reputation" at one point, which is important in all three situations but weighted differently in each.

I guess we should cover "listener mail" on the next podcast--it's been a while since we've done that. :)