Tuesday, November 22, 2011

SnoutCast #92: DeeAnn's Complex Relationship with Puzzles

In which we explore how a woman who admits she doesn't love puzzles nevertheless creates at least one new puzzle every month.

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00:59 - "fastidious"
01:59 - "Let's talk about Puzzled Pint!"
03:50 - INDEX INTO ALL THE THINGS! (thanks, Mike Janney)
05:31 - DeeAnn's complex relationship with one particular puzzle
11:39 - playing vs. solving
14:47 - the wrong question: "was it too easy?"
21:39 - when do we get good at making puzzles?
29:05 - Puzzle Hunt Calendar, Trenchwood (Doctor When), Thanksgiving, and more!
29:59 - The End

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Music: instrumentals from "Code Monkey" and "Baby Got Back" by Jonathan Coulton

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Curtis DeeAnn
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