Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Rebels Affianced

Congratulations to Jeff and Marina on their now-100%-official engagement! (I'm announcing it here because he still hasn't gotten his blog back online yet.) Here's what Jeff posted back in January:
I've finally found the perfect girl for me. Her name is Marina, and we've been together over a year now. She and I weren't ready to talk so publicly about our relationship until now, but now the time has come, so that's the first really great piece of news for the blog in 2008.

I met Marina in Liberia (and astute readers of my blog from back then will find some references to her). She was a coworker, and we were living in a small compound with 7 other MSFers, so we started off with a great deal of discretion. We have some funny stories about how each of our coworkers found out about our little "thing". The important part is that the boss, who liked to play the part of the mother to us all, didn't find out until the very end... that means we "won" the game. :)

When we both got back from Liberia, we really had to adjust. Was it just something that happened to us inside of the MSF bubble, or would our relationship work in real life too? It took all year, and some hard times, to find the answer to that question. But the answer now is clear: YES! We are together now in Switzerland, and planning how to stay together.
D and I are very excited to see them in the bay area next week, and to attend their wedding in Europe. It'll be my first trip to the continent, so I'm hoping we can make the time (and find the money) to do a little traveling around.


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