Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Drooling Starts Now

News roundup:
Watch with Kristin - Best News Ever! Joss Whedon Spills Exclusive Deets on His New Series

Welcome to the "Dollhouse": Joss Whedon Returns to Television

Eliza Dushku Lures Joss Whedon Back to TV!

Joss Whedon preps Fox series: 'Dollhouse' to star 'Buffy's' Eliza Dushku
Now taking bets on whether there will be references to Henrik Ibsen and/or Todd Solondz in the pilot. I'm sure we'll see both before the end of the season, if it gets a full order--Fox only wants seven episodes to start.

It would really tickle me if Joss and Tim "13 episodes" Minear would start treating their partial-season new-series orders as full story arcs, and write them like BBC series. D and I just watched Jekyll, and while it had some problems toward the end, it was a solid six-episode structure. It was a complete series--nothing "mini" about it. Get with it, American TV! Less is more! Quality not quantity! etc.

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