Friday, February 16, 2007

" 'sweetcheeks' was somehow not in my spellcheck's dictionary. YOU BEST BELIEVE I HELLA FIXED THAT "

I love Dinosaur Comics.

In case you're wondering, the title of this blog post is the title used in the RSS feed for yesterday's comic. One of the many great things about Dinosaur Comics is how much extra content comes with each strip--in addition to the comic itself, there's:
  • the RSS title that appears in your feed reader (see above);
  • the ALT text that appears when you hover your cursor over the image:
    "if you don't call someone inappropriate 'sweetcheeks' today then we can't be friends anymore. FACT";
  • the email subject specified in the "comments" link:
    "t-rex is right in panel two: it IS actually all downhill from here, sleep-wise. sorry dude!";
and any blog posts that appear on the same day and may or may not be related to the comic. Now how much would you pay, for all this humor? BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE


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