Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Homer Simpson, PBS viewer?

We are, of course, all familiar with this classic epigram from The Simpsons:
"It takes two to lie, Marge. One to lie and one to listen!"
-- Homer Simpson
Indeed, this pithy aphorism has been quoted in such publications as the political rag Reason Online. It should, therefore, surprise none of us to hear it paraphrased with a straight face in FRONTLINE's "The Diamond Empire", a would-be exposé of the De Beers monopoly:
"[L]ike all deception, the person who's deceived plays a part in the deception, as well as the deceiver. It's not a one-person act. It's two people, the deceiver and the deceived, acting in collaboration."
-- Edward Jay Epstein, author, "The Rise and Fall of Diamonds"
And lest you think that marriage has mellowed my obsessive research tendencies: "The Diamond Empire" aired on February 1, 1994. Homer's declaration occurred in "Colonel Homer" (fansub title: "Lurleen on Me"), which aired on March 26, 1992. It is clear, methinks, which of Messrs. Simpson and Epstein merits the appellation "chicken", and which gentleman we may safely call "egg".

I said good day, sir!

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