Monday, October 17, 2005

He shoulda called it "Sketch Night"

Reported today: Zap2it - TV news - 'West Wing' Creator Sorkin Goes Backstage at NBC! Aaron Sorkin, the author of screwball classics like The American President, The West Wing (before John Wells ruined it), and Sports Night (until ABC cancelled it), has been commissioned by NBC to produce a new TV series for next season.*

This is probably related to the May cancellation of his movie production, The Farnsworth Invention, which was to be a biography of the inventor of the television set. I would have wanted to see that movie, but I'm even happier that we'll be getting over 20 hours of Sorkin's stories and dialogue.

What's the series about? Follow the link above. But honestly, I don't even care. There are very few people working in TV and movies whom I'd call "creators"-- individuals who consistently have unique, compelling visions and the talent to present them well-- but when those people make something, I'm there. Aaron Sorkin is a creator. Joss Whedon, even more so.

Many people seem to pick their entertainment based on the performers involved; e.g., big stars like Tom Cruise can "open" a movie because people want to go see anything in which he appears. I feel that way to some extent-- I'm a sucker for Nicolas Cage-- but I have more affinity for writers and directors and composers.

* Actually just a pilot, but according to the article, "[s]hould NBC decide not to go forward with the series, it would have to pay Warner Bros. a hefty kill fee", which implies they're pretty committed to it. Hooray!

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